An innovation that makes the difference.

Our range of tag solutions is virtually unlimited. In fact, with WeRain Technology it is possible to realise any type of format, from 12×50 to A5, with any material that can be wound on a roll.



Best multiple reading in close proximity

With WeRain Technology, multiple labels that are close together or overlapped are perfectly legible.

Less material, less heavy

Thanks to its particular shape, 5 milligrams of added material are enough to transform an adhesive label into a smart label.

Can be produced in custom sizes

We can produce the system in any format, from 15x50mm to 150x150mm, on any type of material that can be wound on a roll.

Even more resistant to treatments of the material

The flexibility of the wire guarantees greater resistance to bending even during the most invasive processes.

Possibility of embedding the tag in the product

WeRain RFID is practically invisible! During clothing production it can be inserted as an invisible film under a lining, in a hem, etc.

More environmentally friendly

The Loopetto antenna is made like an inlay, but the average size is 1/20 of that of an inlay. It can also be made using biodegradable materials

La WeRain Technology

WeRain has developed an exclusive technology installed on the Snap Tag machine, thanks to which it is possible to produce smart labels in a more simple and cost-effective way, with ample opportunity to customise the label according to the customer’s needs.

Perfect for every type of market.

From apparel to ceramics, from food to healthcare, from luxury to automotive, there are endless areas in which WeRain RFID can be used. Its technical characteristics make it versatile and adaptable to the most varied contexts.


I prodotti Werain sono basati su tutti i modelli di chip UHF EPC Class1 Gen2.
Le nostre etichette sono estremamente versatili e compatibili: possono essere infatti utilizzate, senza nessuna controindicazione, sia in alternativa alle etichette tradizionali che insieme a esse.

WeRain is at your disposal to work together to find the solution that best suits your needs.